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About KIN


To provide hands-on learning and outdoor play experiences that inspire youth to enjoy, appreciate, and respect North Carolina’s natural resources.

Why KIN?

Think back to some of your most vivid, exhilarating, and raw experiences as a child. What role did nature play? The relationships that our kids develop with nature are critical in preserving, conserving, and maintaining North Carolina’s rich natural resources. Yet all too often, technology and sedentary learning and play keep kids out of the natural world.

At Kids In Nature (KIN), we believe in investing in children, and we believe in the power of nature in igniting positive environmental, social, psychological, spiritual, and health outcomes. We aim to share our passion and appreciation for wildlife, environmental respect, and conservation of North Carolina’s natural resources. We want to get all children outside to learn, play, explore, and enjoy the timeless traditions that we have grown love – fishing, gardening, farming, animal raising, wilderness exploration, boating, camping, hiking, hunting, and more.