Our Story
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Our Story

Over 12 years ago I started a now successful environmental corporation here in Raleigh.  Back then everything was small: small office, small truck, and a small number of staff; even my children were small then. As the years have passed I worked hard growing my business. As my kids grew older I began to realize that they had immersed themselves in TV and electronics indoors. I was able to turn things around however, and teach them the value of playing, camping, hunting, fishing, and growing in the outdoors. But I was amazed at how many of my children’s friends and classmates did not have the opportunity to get outside to learn how to hunt, fish, plant a garden, or even to just play outside. There are so many kids, right here in our community, that do not have an opportunity for someone to take and teach them how to fully experience the outdoors. It’s no wonder these children turn to video games and social media for entertainment.


I created Kids in Nature (KIN) as a tool to help spark a child’s curiosity, imagination and eagerness to get outside and learn the timeless lessons that wildlife and the environment can teach us. Just as I have taught my children, I want to give all children a chance to learn how to create a lifelong adventure that can be found within nature. I want the happiness and joy of a child simply playing outside to spread through our neighborhoods. Please help us to get our KIN outdoors by volunteering your time and abilities or by donating to Kids in Nature. Why?  Because we love our KIN!