Keeping It Safe
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Keeping It Safe

Safety – A Priority for Kids In Nature

Firearms. Fishing. Boating. And even nature itself. All can be intimidating and sometimes scary to people and youth new to outdoor heritage activities. Fortunately, we at KIN take safety seriously. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie, it’s safety first. So if you’re a first-timer, you can rest assured that we’ve got safety covered.

Often times we are asked, “How do you keep kids safe?” Our answer – Education. We believe in constant learning; in fact, LEARN is one of our tagline words (Learn. Play. Explore). Safety also plays into our KIN VALUES – HERE.

KIN staff and volunteers are knowledgeable and experienced in all activities open to kids, including hunting, fishing, camping, shrimping, crabbing, boating, kayaking, shooting sports, and archery. And we know, there are other experts in our community. We are working to form a partnership with NC Wildlife Commission, which allows us to bring in the next level of expertise to some of our more adventurous outings.

For the upcoming KIN Youth Boating Day – August 22, we will have an NC Wildlife Officer provide 45 minutes of kid friendly instruction on boating safety, proper use of life jacket, and what to do in case of an emergency to all participants prior to going out on the water. The information session is a prerequisite to participation in the Youth Boating Day.

Want to participate in a Youth Hunting Day?  All participants must complete a Hunter Education course either through the NC Wildlife Commission or offered at Kids In Nature headquarters. All KIN Hunter Education courses are taught by certified instructors and Wildlife Officers as approved by the NC Wildlife Commission. Next class is being offered in August – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!