Kids In Nature Youth Waterfowl Day – 2018
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Kids In Nature Youth Waterfowl Day – 2018

Youth Waterfowl Day Partners and Sponsors:

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Youth Waterfowl Day – 2018

February 3, 2018 – 12 kids joined KIN for our annual youth waterfowl hunt weekend on Jones Bay – Goose Creek Island, North Carolina. The focus of the weekend was on waterfowl hunting; North Carolina offers two youth only days at the end of the regular waterfowl season. However, for the 12 kids, it was about much more than the hunt; it was about the adventure, the camaraderie, and the memories made both in the blind and exploring the land.

On Friday afternoon – Bost Tune-Up & Argo ATV Sales – delivered two demo Argos. Just getting to the blind from the lodge is an adventure; it’s a quarter mile ride through an impoundment, across two ditches, through the marsh, and finally into the bay before arriving at the blind. Transporting, kids, gear, decoys, dogs, and snacks wouldn’t be possible without the Argos, which are amphibious-tracked-machines meant to crawl through thick muck, water, and terrain that other vehicles couldn’t handle.

Jeff Boone, of Argo XTV, goes over the ins-and-outs of the demo Argo Conquest with KIN Board Member, Willis Scott.

On Friday night after all the youth hunters arrived, our good friend – Allen Basala provided hunter safety and etiquette instruction for all the young hunters.

Two eager hunters looking out over Jones Bay – waiting for shooting time.

It was cold and there weren’t a whole lot of birds coming into our decoy spread. While the young hunters had a few opportunities to pass shoot at a few flocks of flying birds, the weekend was truly about connecting with each other and connecting with nature.


New friendships were formed.



Kids spent time outside with their parents.



And a few of the decoys took a beating from the Kent Fasteel, but thanks to LED Decoys, they kept on floating!


After the morning hunt, it was time for the Kids In Nature Hunting Olympics!

The young hunters competed in:

  1. Timed Gear Change – to see who could get their waders, jacket, hat, and gloves on first.
  2. Decoy Toss – Decoys donated by LED Decoys.
  3. Clay Shooting – HUGE THANKS to Kent Cartridge for donating the shells.
  4. Bay Sprint – a short race through Jones Bay in waist-deep water.
  5. Blind to Lodge Marathon – a quarter mile trek through ditches, the marsh, and across the impoundment.

The competition was fierce; though there were smiles for miles!



There were lots of swamped waders and muddy kids after the Blind to Lodge Marathon. 


The evening hunt was a little warmer, and our young hunters were able to pass shoot at a few more flocks before quitting time. As the sun set, we packed up the decoys for another year.

To see more photos from Youth Waterfowl Day – check out our Facebook Page by clicking the button below.

Finally, experiences and adventures like our Youth Waterfowl Day are only possible because of generous donations and support from our community.

BIG LOVE to our sponsors:

Cabela’s Outdoor Fund – a generous grant to support hunting and fishing activities of Kids In Nature.

Carolina All Out – filmed our Youth Waterfowl Day for an upcoming episode of Carolina All Out.

Bost Argo & ATV – Generous grant to provide food for our Youth Waterfowl Day hunters, and a donation of 2 Argos for use during the hunt.

Kent Cartridge Company – supplied all shotshells for hunting and the Hunter Olympics.

Lake Effect Decoys – provided decoys for our spread.

R.E. Mayo Seafood – a generous donation of seafood for Saturday’s meal.

We are extremely grateful for the support of sponsors. To join them in making a difference in the lives of young people, please contact Billy Bartz, Executive Director of Kids In Nature, or 919-467-1177.