KIN Float Build Tomorrow!
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KIN Float Build Tomorrow!

Raleigh Christmas Parade

On Sunday, October 18th we will be having another build for the Kids in Nature float that will be in the Raleigh Christmas Parade.  We’d love to have your help.  Come by our office anytime between 12pm & 4pm to help! We also need the following materials to complete our float.  If you’re interested in attending the float build or donating any of the materials please contact us.

Christmas Float Wish List
• Deer Costume
• Flying ducks (kites)
• Spray paint: Gold, glitter red, glitter green, silver, iridescent sparkly white
• Spray snow
• Chicken-wire
• Newspapers
• Plywood
• Carpet
• Plastic rectangular sled
• White Styrofoam balls (snow balls)
• Pine cones