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This is the start of something good. A fundraising launch for Kids In Nature. Will you join me in donating $20 to help us raise $200,000?

What’s $20 Bucks? A half-tank of gas. A pizza. Two movie tickets. A folded-up bill lost in a pair of jeans stuffed in your closet. $20 doesn’t seem like much these days. However, $20 can get a kid outside to LEARN, PLAY, and EXPLORE in nature. $20 could provide a rod & reel and an opportunity for a kid to catch their first fish, or put a life-jacket on a kid that has never stepped foot on a boat. Your $20, combined with mine and 9,998 others, will allow us to break ground at the Kids In Nature Camp on Goose Creek Island.

We are on a mission to mobilize 10,000 donors to GET KIDS OUTSIDE! 10,000 donors may seem like a lot of people, and it is. However, there are 10 MILLION people in North Carolina. 10,000 is less than 1% of the population of our state. Will you join me as part of the 1% making a difference in the lives of children?

This is a fundraiser. I’d like to ask you to do two things:

  1. DONATE $20 Today, because really – #What’s$20Bucks?
  2. SHARE this message with 10 of your KIN to help us reach 10,000 donors and $200,000!


3 Ways to SHARE:

  • Text to friends: Copy and Paste the text below along with the link:


I just made a donation to help Kids In Nature get kids outside. Will you join me in giving $20 so that more children will have the opportunity to Learn, Play, and Explore outdoors?

Go to: #What’s$20Bucks – Kids In Nature Fundraiser  (http://mailchi.mp/750f42a82e99/kids-in-nature-whats20bucks-1324709?e=c102c48ae9) and DONATE TODAY!

  • Post the link to Facebook: share our original post and the same message as above.


  • Email: same as above (copy and paste text and link to new email).


*If you REALLY LOVE what we do – Share with ALL of your contacts AND donate $20 for each member of your family to help us reach $200,000 and 10,000 donors!


Kids are spending less than four hours outside each week and averaging more than seven hours of screen time each day. “Chickens and inmates are guaranteed more outside time than children in the United States.” Really? And for the record, I do believe that chickens and inmates deserve outdoor time – and so do our kids.

Your KIN,

Chris Mitscherlich

Vianka De Los Santos
Foundation Director

Billy Bartz
Director of Development and Communications

Willis Scott
Advisory Board

At KIN we believe in investing in children, and we believe in the power of nature in igniting and creating positive environmental, social, psychological, spiritual, and health outcomes.

Our mission is to provide hands-on learning and outdoor play experiences that inspire youth to enjoy, appreciate, and respect North Carolina’s natural resources.

Kids In Nature is a 501(c)3 non-profit subsidiary of the NC Waterfowl Restoration Project. Federal EIN # 46-1729695.

For more information about Kids In Nature or to get involved in our work, go to www.kidsinnaturenc.org.